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Architect - 70sqm extension to restaurant/pub (B 60-150K)

  • 07/12
    Architect (ID 533312)
    West Somerset
    Project start: 07/06/18
    Postal code: ta5 1qe
    Buyer type: Company
    Type of project:
    Selected parts of major remodel or addition
    Status of ownership:
    Client owns the property this project concerns
    Type of property:
    Small shop/Restaurant
    Budget for project (including construction):
    Additional info:
    It is a pub and restaurant. We want to extend it by 70m2 to have a function room and would also like to build an additional cellar.
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  • Paulo gave a very prompt and efficient service, will use his service again

    Timothy Hill

  • Great service from Paulo,good ideas and design done long before deadline would recommend to anyone


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