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Build Brick/Stone wall
Project: Build Brick/Stone wall
Location: Barnet
Postal code: N3 3QT
Project start: 09/06/19
Buyer type: Private individual
Type of surface
Natural surface of stone/brick
Desired material
Height of stone/brick wall(metres):
1-1.5 metres
Number of linear metres of wall needed
10 - 15 m
What type of gate would you like?
Driveway gate
Terrain the wall will be built on:
Gentle slope
Amount of vegetation where the wall will be built:
No vegetation
Terrain the fence will be built on:
Mostly clay
Purpose of request:
Get several quotes and select a company to hire
Additional info:
Also require a path and driveway to be completed as well as the wall using slabs or stone to complete the job.
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