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Find a locksmith here! A locksmith could help out with all types of locks both mechanical and electronic locks and passage systems. The locksmith will assist in opening locks and installing new locks as well as upgrade your mechanical locks to code locks or complete security system
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Install new lock(s) Replace/Change existing lock(s)
Open locked door/lock Open locked car door
Make new keys for existing lock(s) Repair existing lock(s)
Install new electronic locks or passage system Repair electronic lock or passage system
Other (please specify in text box below)  
Who will supply locks? (Tick all that apply)
Property owner will supply new lock(s) Locksmith will supply new lock(s)
Locksmith will work with existing lock(s) Other (please specify in text box below)
Tick the types of locks involved in this job
Exterior entry lockset Cylindrical deadbolt lock
Interior passage lockset Rim lock (surface deadbolt)
Padlock Car door lock
Electronic passage system with key pad Electronic passage system with card
Other (please specify in text box below)  
Number of places in the property where work is needed
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Security window Security door
Change of hinges etc Install alarm
Install entryphone Install timer to locks
Install fire protection  
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