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Architect - Rutland

Looking for an architect in Rutland? No matter if it involves a remodel, new construction or extension you will easy and quick find the right architect through Servicestart. Describe your building project below and both big and small architect firms and construction firms as individual architects connected to Servicestart will contact you for the job. There are many skilled building engineers and architects active in Rutland and other parts of East Midlands who might be interested in your project.
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Rutland, East Midlands Edit
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The architect should assist with
Do a feasibility study Prepare schematic design drawings
Prepare plans for building regulations approval Prepare building plans
Customise existing plans/adapt to meet local requirements Draft application for building regulations approval
Assist w/ selection of contractor Supervise construction to completion
Conduct final construction inspections Other (please specify in free text box below)
What features should be included in the architect design? (Tick all that apply)
Complete new construction Main wall construction
Framing/roofing Insulation
Interior walls Heating
Air/Ventilation Plumbing
Electrical Painting/wall papering
Interior/Exterior doors Wall/Tiles
Carpentry Roofing
Other (please specify in text box below)  
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