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Buyer's Check List
Servicestart is founded on the conviction that the Internet will improve the transparency and efficiency of the market for services, that will benefit both buyers and sellers. Buying services will however remain more complex, compared to purchasing goods, and this is why it is important to be thorough in your choice of service provider and make sure you have a contract that regulates the affairs between you. Listed below are a few points to consider before entering into an agreement with a service provider.

Things to check before entering into an agreement

Verify details regarding the service provider:

Fiscal status - registered for corporate tax or not. In the case a provider is not registered for corporate tax it is the buyer who will be responsible for any tax payments.

Insurance - to what extent will they be able to cover any mistakes?

Licensing - In many industries there are established charters or licenses given to professional providers.

References - Alongside the ratings provided through Servicestart it is wise to ask for references from previous customers.

Verify details regarding the project:

Type of remuneration - fixed or variable
Time schedule
Post-project inspection

Sign a written contract

In most cases when buying a service it is wise to use some sort of written agreement. This reduces the risk of disputes and misunderstandings.

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