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Policy regarding personal information

In order to use Servicestart to get free quotes you have to register your name, email address and phone number on the site. This information is needed to allow interested providers to contact you through the service. We only collect the information required to be able to offer you this service, nothing else. Servicestart will not forward or sell your information to any other third party without your direct consent. By posting a request on Servicestart you consent to Servicestart allowing a limited number of providers to view your contact information to allow these to present offers to you. A maximum of five service providers are allowed to have access to your name and contact info. The same limit is valid for any product offer if applicable. When you post a request with this information on Servicestart you give your direct consent to Servicestart, in the way defined by the GDPR regulation in the EU, or corresponding and applicable law in England, to use these to provide the services connected to In order to provide the service agreed your personal contact information might be shown to a third parties (under Terms & Conditions) as detailed below.
1. Providers connected to Servicestart who wish to contact you to offer you the service you have requested information of.
2. Servicestartís technical cooperation partners for secure hosting of data (Space2U AB, Sweden, company no SE556598-8705) and distribution of email (Apsis Group AB, Sweden company no. 556807-9890).
Servicestart only saves the information required to be able to provide you with the service requested. You may at any time withdraw your consent by sending an email to Servicestart stating this. Servicestart Ltd (company no 6009640) and Servicestart AB (company no SE556863-6152) is responsible for such personal data in accordance with the law. Servicestart Ltd is registered with the Data Protection Agency (number: uda335).


Servicestart uses cookies to make the use of the web site more effective. A cookie is a small file that is saved to your hard drive by the web server on the web site you are visiting. The next time you visit the same web site the server will recognise you and will customise pages accordingly. This will enable the server to for example save settings that you have selected and also enables you to continue to be logged in, if you logged in to begin with, although you are navigating between different pages.

Cookies are also used for compiling user statistics. On the behalf of Servicestart it means that we can keep track of numbers of users and which parts of our web site that are most visited. These user statistics do not contain any information, or information related to birth date, name, email address or other personal information. The statistics are used to improve our web site and facilitate the sale of advertising.

A user can themselves decide to allow or block cookies. Normally the web browser will accept cookies automatically but they can be blocked by changing the settings in the browser. If a user decides to block cookies Servicestart website may not work in the way intended.