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Letting Agents

Need a letting agent? Find a letting agency here! Estate agents or letting agents can handle administrative tasks as accounting, tenancy extension and renewals, rent collection, resident meeting organization and also ensure or coordinate maintenance and refreshment works on the property. Describe what type of property you need help to let and let interested estate agents and letting agencies contact you with quotes.
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Age of property
What type of administrative services are expected?
Accounting Property insurance issues
Rent collection Organise owner general meetings
Manage legal matters (incl. tenancy extensions/renewals) Select and manage providers for technical maintenance
Select and manage providers for renovation projects Other - please describe in free-text box below
Desired services regarding tenants (Check all you will need)
Find tenants Management of tenancy contracts
Rent collection from tenants Manage litigation with tenants if it occurs
Insurance against non payment of rent Commitment to finding new tenants very quickly if a tenant moves out
Inspection of property and furnishing at tenant changes Other (please specify in text box below)
(Check all that apply)
Elevator(s) exist Janitorial service
Central heating Need to renovate stair halls
Need to renovate facade Need to change main water and sewer pipes
Other (please specify in text box below)  
Main reason for changing agent
Decision process to change provider
*What is the term of the contract you propose with property administrator?
Is a local provider a requirement?
*What is the purpose of your request?
Detailed information about the letting assignment (the better the description, the more and better quotes)
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