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Designed for companies looking for growth and increased profitability

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Get more customers.

Designed for companies looking for growth and increased profitability

Apply to join

Fill out your company details below and we will contact you to get started.

Free and without obligation, we will contact you ASAP.

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+450 000 Buyers
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11 Years on the UK market

Why connect your business to Servicestart?

Get more customers

Choose how fast and in what direction you want to grow.

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Avoid loose and unprofitable customer requests.

Set your own budget

Forget about expensive marketing investments, you set your own price.

Guaranteed results

We guarantee new customers worth your investment or money back.

Guaranteed delivery

If we don't deliver it costs you nothing. In addition, you get a built-in insurance against erroneous requests.

Minimal risk

No binding period, pay only for what you want. Pause or cancel anytime.


More than 20 000 service providers have chosen to connect to the Servicestart network, both small and bigger companies. We are grateful for all positive comments we get. The best way to find out if our service works for you is to contact us and we will give you a try-out offer.

Hass Walji "It is amazing that so many new businesses are looking for professional companies. I have secured some very good clients via Servicestart."

Kim Readman "Great service, you only pay for the leads you wish to pursue and with 100% hit rate so far, it's a fantastic way to start the year."

Shruti Soni "Very friendly and helpful staff! Very reliable and would recommend to all new start-ups. You only pay for the leads you wish to pursue"

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the most common questions we get from companies interested in joining our service. If you have any more questions please feel free to contact our friendly customer support desk direct.

What can Servicestart do for me?

Servicestart is a leading online channel for services, connecting 1000's of UK companies with new clients. Every year more than 70 000 purchase ready buyers use the platform to connect with qualified companies looking to grow.

How does Servicestart work?

You will select exactly the kind of projects and customers you wish to get. Once we verify and match incoming customer request to your profile an email is sent to you with full project description and the customer contact details. Display your company in the best way possible and win new clients.

How do I connect my company?

Fill out an application of interest in the form at the top of this page. We will contact you in 1-2 business days to help you get started or just to explain what our service can do for you.

How many other companies can respond to the same request I am interested in?

Each request is open to a maximum five companies, hence you never risk to compete against more than four other companies. However, on the average two companies respond to the same request, depending on the specific requirements, type of service requested and location.

What would it cost to connect my company?

If you select our Digital platform there is no access fee. Should you prefer the Manual platform there is a monthly network access fee of GBP 19. Once you have selected the platform of your choice the cost of use will be determined by how many and the types of service requests you choose to respond to. You may always set a maximum budget for your use to make you feel completely secure with your spending. IHence, you decide yourself what cost will be. It will be determined by your need for new business and preferred budget. Once you have sent your application of interest to join our network a customer manager will contact you and go through all of this to create the optimal account for you.

How can I select the types of requests I am going to get?

Once we have had a chance to talk to you and get an understanding of your business needs we will set up a customer request monitoring with you on our platform. It will cover your industry and geographical coverage of your company or desired areas to win new jobs in. You will be able to pick just the prospective clients and project types you want to have. You will only be notified of these. You may change your filters and settings at anytime.

What type of customer details will I see when I get a matching request?

Apart from the full project description you will see name, email and telephone number to the prospective customer. You are guaranteed information is correct, our support team verifies at least email but for most jobs also telephone together with the rest of the information in the request before it is sent to you.

How can maximise the chance the customer will hire me or my company?

The most important factors for buyers are good references, professional staff with proper insurance, licenses and certificates, that you show up on time and complete any agreed work on time while keeping a good level of communication through out the project. Based on our experiences of 10 years and 100 000's of projects we know low price is of lower priority. Most customers want comfort in quality. Make sure to use a well written presentation of your company, your logo, any certificates of quality and references from earlier clients ready at hand. Also, ask the new customers you win through Servicestart to give you a review. Once you have used our platform some time you will be able to benefit from building up a history of transactions, something which may fuel customer intake even more.