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Privacy Policy

Policy regarding personal information

By posting a service request on Servicestart and activating it a user agrees for Servicestart to sell its contact information to a limited number of providers to allow these to present offers to the user. A maximum of five service providers are allowed to access to personal contact info. The same limit is valid for any product offer if applicable. By registering their personal data on Servicestart the user consents to Servicestart Ltd using this information in accordance with the law for the purpose of providing services connected to Servicestart's network and possible material based upon the service. The Servicestart network may include partners with own legal entities. Servicestart will always inform whenever an offer from Servicestart partners is made available. Servicestart partners will have access to personal information only to offer products or services directly related to a service request made on Servicestart. Distribution limitation of maximum five recipients is valid even if a service request is distributed to Servicestart partners. The same limitation is valid for any product offers. The user may at any time withdraw its consent or receive information regarding the use of its personal data by contacting Servicestart through the contact form available on the website with details of its request. Servicestart is responsible for such personal data in accordance with the law. Servicestart Ltd is registered with the Data Protection Agency (number: uda335).


Servicestart uses cookies to make the use of the web site more effective. A cookie is a small file that is saved to your hard drive by the web server on the web site you are visiting. The next time you visit the same web site the server will recognise you and will customise pages accordingly. This will enable the server to for example save settings that you have selected and also enables you to continue to be logged in, if you logged in to begin with, although you are navigating between different pages.

Cookies are also used for compiling user statistics. On the behalf of Servicestart it means that we can keep track of numbers of users and which parts of our web site that are most visited. These user statistics do not contain any information, or information related to birth date, name, email address or other personal information. The statistics are used to improve our web site and facilitate the sale of advertising.

A user can themselves decide to allow or block cookies. Normally the web browser will accept cookies automatically but they can be blocked by changing the settings in the browser. If a user decides to block cookies Servicestart website may not work in the way intended.

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Servicestart can give you a good start when you need help in your home, at the office or in your neighbourhood. This is how it works:

It is free to post a request and there is no obligation to hire any of the companies offering you quotes. The providers pay a small fee to be able to contact you and spend time on sending you and offer. Hence, please use the service in a responsible manner and reply to their offer, even if you decide not to accept it for any reason.

Your information is secure. Your name and contact details are shown to a maximum of five providers and only after they confirm a serious interest in helping you. You receive an email from Servicestart as soon as a company wants to give you an offer. You are given the name and contact details of the company and access to the ratings and reviews from other users who hired the company previously. Your request is automatically closed when five companies have reported interest in providing you with their quote but you may close it before this at any time.

Questions? Or do you want assistance with filling our your request?
Please contact us, we would love to help.

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More advice for a successful project

Please consider that a well-written request receives more and better quotes. Hence, try to write a clear project description. You may take use of the pre-defined questions to add as much information as possible about your job. In addition, please use the free-text box to give your own description.

Compare quotes, ratings and qualifications

Once you have been put in contact with interested providers you are able to compare them. You are given the company details and reviews from previous clients they have won through Servicestart. Make sure to ask the company for any additional qualifications needed such as professional licenses and certificates.

Book an appointment

A personal meeting will give you the chance to ask questions directly to the provider and to evaluate how suitable they would be for your job. The meeting will also allow the provider to better calibrate their offer and price estimate to you. Many providers cannot give an exact price quote unless given the chance to meet and evaluate the project on-site. Of course, this mainly applies to building projects.

Select your provider and sign a contract

Once you feel confident you have found the right provider it is important that the job is performed according to expectations. Make a detailed agreement with your provider to cover time schedule, type and level of remuneration, inspection and quality control and guarantees. Here are more tips

Good luck with your project!